A French-Tunisian space agreement was signed during the French Prime Minister’s visit to Tunis.

On June 3, 2021, HEMERIA and TELNET announced the signing of a Franco-Tunisian agreement about space. In order to develop and operate collectively constellations of nanosatellite constellations for earth observation destined for African and Arab countries, the two companies have developed a technological and economic cooperation project. Nanosatellite technologies are being developed by HEMERIA and […]

Jendouba: The use of the tunisian satellite “Challenge One” in the field of intelligent agriculture applied to major cultures is being tested for the first time in Africa and the Arab world.

Today, March 22, 2022, at Bou Salem, a major operation (in-vivo) to test the use of the tunisian satellite “Challenge One” in the field of intelligent agriculture applied to horticulture and irrigation management was held as part of a collaboration between TELNET Group and The National Institute of Field Crops (INGC). This was the first […]

Signing of a partnership agreement between TELNET and Thales Alenia Space

A partnership agreement was signed on August 2nd, 2021 in Cannes, France, by TELNET and Thales Alenia Space, one of the industry leaders in satellite manufacturing.

PBR Rating gives Telnet Holding the rating A+ (TUN), outlook positive

Telnet Holding asked the national rating agency PBR Rating for an evaluation in order to obtain a financial rating. The diagnostic allowed to measure the solvency and, more globally, the quality of the financial management of Telnet Holding. At the end of the evaluation, the rating agency PBR Rating awarded Telnet Holding a rating (in […]


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