With more than 20 years of experience in the software development of systems built around biometric components, the "Security" activity specializes in:

  • Development of civil security systems ;
  • Development of border control systems ;
  • Development of generic components used in civil protection sub-systems ;
  • Customization of police systems ;
  • Maintenance for civil security systems ;
  • Accompanying clients in the installation and administration of biometric security systems.

/ Civil protection systems :

  • Enrollment systems ;
  • AFIS subsystems ;
  • Document production systems: Identity cards, Biometric passports, Driver's licenses, Election cards, etc.

/ Border control system :

  • Applications deployed in airports for passenger management ;
  • Implementation of interfaces between border control systems and Visa management systems.

Our mastery of the different quality standards and software development processes guarantees our customers the product quality required, at optimized costs.