Research and innovation


Given the importance of research and innovation within TELNET, the group created in 2013 a dedicated entity; TELNET Innovation Labs (TIL), which mainly carries out RDI activities, relying on a multidisciplinary team of about ten PHD students, researchers, scientific experts and prototyping Engineers. RDI's activities are based on a continual process of interactive exchanges with the «product» and «marketing» components and a strong collaboration with the French Commissariat for Atomic Energy and Alternative Energies «CEA-Tech», research laboratories and engineering schools in Tunisia, France and Germany.

The aim of TELNET Innovation Labs (TIL) is to develop the activities of the TELNET Group by designing and developing innovative solutions in the field of New Information and Communication Technologies (NICT). TIL has adopted a transversal approach to engineering products (embedded software, electronics, microelectronics and mechanics) in the various business lines of the TELNET Group.

TIL's upstream research projects are standing on a strategic component of technological intelligence in the field of NICT which relies on TIL's Academic partnerships and on the functional and technical expressions of the different Activities and Enterprises.

The product approach is the main value of TIL; It is founded on the results of upstream research projects and technological watch and on a central component of the team which is prototyping Engineering.

The framework for TIL's prototyping topics is the SMART Country Concept for applications such as healthcare, mobility, transport, smart grids and smart cities.


Expertise – Services

  • Embedded systems
  • Development of Integrated Systems / IT Platforms

Expertise – Domains

  • AAL, Smart Sound
  • Augmented Reality 2D-3D
  • Biometrics, Digital Signature
  • Multimedia, Image processing, remote surveillance
  • V&V, TU
  • SMI, processes and tools
  • Robotics, Radar Guidance
  • HEMS-Smart Grid
  • Intelligent Transport
  • E-Health, Medical Cloud
  • Automotive, V2V V2I, Intelligent Transport, Diagnostics
  • Physiological signals analysis, Affective State Classification
  • FPGA for Night Vision ECU and Ambulatory Terminal

European projects

CEA-Tech and the TELNET group have signed an agreement for the creation in 2010 of the joint CEA-LINKLAB R & D platform to boost their innovation potential by developing RDI projects in the MENA zone in the framework of clusters Tunisia, France and Europe. Since its inception, CEA-LINKLAB has been involved in 13 Euro-Mediterranean projects, seven of which are operational. One can mention: the CityForAll ( in audio perception, Voxelo In advanced medical imaging, InVivo nEXTh in the smart grid, and lately the project submitted to the European program H2020, PEREGREENUS in automated vehicles.

Prototypes for Technology transfer

The strong involvement of TELNET in these European projects naturally allows the realization of projects of technology transfer so as to creating innovative startups in NICT Tunisia, according to the authentic process of « Innovation To Business ». As a result, the start-up of Audio Sense, was founded by PhD students and researchers from CEA-LINKLAB and was funded by the European project I ‘CityForAll.