PLM Services & Mechanical Studies


The mission of this Department lies in the support of innovative companies in their so-called PLM (Product Lifecycle Management) approaches and projects.

To this end, TELNET's activities in this area focus on R & D and Mechanical Engineering activities in the following areas:

  • Mechanical Design of Components and Systems ;
  • Numerical Simulation and Numerical Calculation ;
  • Industrialization and production ;
  • Technical assistance and support related to these trades.

These activities mainly cover the automotive, aeronautical, mechanical engineering and consumer goods sectors.

Skills and Expertise

The technical team that TELNET has assigned, is highly qualified, and is familiar with the tools of the Market Mechanical PLM and offers expertise in the following areas:

/Modeling & Numerical Simulation :

  • Mechanical Design ;
  • Design of Advanced Surface Forms ;
  • Structured meshing ;
  • Numerical simulation and numerical simulation ;

/Industrialization and Production :

  • Design & Manufacture of Special Machines ;
  • Design and manufacture of production tools ;
  • Machining and Multiaxis Simulation ;

/Technical Assistance Related to Mechanical PLM :

  • Certifying training on PLM tools ;
  • Training in 3D metrology ;
  • Technical assistance in CAD and 3D control methodologies ;
  • Development of technical IT applications around 3D ;


Project 1 : Conception de boitiers électroniques (exemple : terminal de paiement)
Project 2 : Advanced surface design (Example: car trunk lining and soundproofing parts)
Project 3 : Calculation and Numerical Simulation (Example: Satellite Test Bench)