Industry & Energy

The industrial activity is a versatile activity and operates in particular in the energy sector, smart grids and industrial servomotors.

The activity has a highly efficient and qualified team with experienced engineers in the Smart Grid and Smart Metering sectors and strong communication protocol skills such as DLMS COSEM, EURIDIS, IEC 61107, MBUS, MODBUS , IEC 61850, Zigbee and PLC G3.

In addition to its expertise in the field of embedded systems development, customization and validation of smart Metering hardware and software solutions, it also offers its customers:

  • Software development and products that combine both quality and economy.
  • High-value consulting and expertise.

We collaborate with leading European contributors to deliver leading-edge technology solutions and products consulting and services.

The industry has contributed successfully to the implementation of several firmware and remote control solutions conforming to international standards.

We have gained our customers’ confidence by adopting a professionalism based on experience, skills and communication, as well as the quality of our services and respect of deadlines.

We have also invested in the research and development of smart Grid solutions to create leading-edge products and solutions optimizing the efficiency of energy technologies.