With more than 20 years of experience in the development of specific automotive applications, TELNET is involved in innovative projects covering different vehicle functions.

TELNET engineers provide their customers with technical expertise, advice in the realization of their products, assist them in the choice of a quality strategy based on the continuous improvement of the development processes and ensure a specific response tailored to their needs.

TELNET also offers its expertise on current technological watch projects relating to the development of electro mobility and ultra-low power vehicles, the electric car being one of the strategic projects on which TELNET engineers focus their attention and develop their skills every day.

TELNET engineers have worked in the various fields of automotive equipment development and have acquired considerable expertise, experience and expertise. Design and simulation tools such as Simulink, Rational Rose and Sildex, as well as software development standards such as MISRA-C, are fully mastered.

Les ingénieurs TELNET opèrent dans les différents domaines touchant le développement des équipements automobiles et ont acquis de ce fait une maîtrise, une expérience et une expertise métier considérables. Ainsi les outils d’aide à la conception et la simulation tels que Simulink, Rational Rose et Sildex, mais aussi les standards de développement logiciel tels que MISRA-C sont totalement maîtrisés.

The « zero bug » objective is our motto, and all necessary means are deployed and implemented to achieve this goal. As such, our Validation teams take care of the tools usually used in the automotive field such as Canalyzer, CANOe, RTRT etc. Moreover, our "Quality" teams are always behind for the final checks before delivery.