About Telnet

Our Company :

Founded in 1994, Telnet is engineering and a consulting company in both innovation and high technology operating in the sectors of Telecoms and Multimedia, Avionics and Security, Automotive and Transport, monetics and Smart Cards, with consulting firms electronics, micro-electronics and mechanics. Over 90% of the activity of Telnet is intended for export. TELNET has a development center that was certified CMMi Level 5 in 2006 and ISO 9001 version 2008, which allows it to guarantee the security, confidentiality and intellectual property of its services. Our primary mission is the development of high technology activities to achieve product engineering. Therefore, our objective is to:

  • Control transverse technologies (soft-board, electronic and mechanical) in the various fields of the company and target new promising businesses .
  • Being in tune with technological innovations in each business through research and development programs and partnerships.
  • Develop a product approach in parallel with engineering and prototyping activities.


Human capital

Beyond the educational experience, we make sure to select people with potential: positive, constructive and creative personality, we're always looking for flexible people and able to anticipate and adapt to varied and complex situations. Our goal is to identify resources that can adapt to our business environment and market trends.

Find and reveal the potential

The strength of our company comes from our ability to combine the best potential. It is this force that is behind the success of our profitable growth strategy. It allows us to detect the best opportunities for development. It gives us the flexibility and reactivity to adapt to ever changing markets.