Aerospace Engineers

Telnet Group is aiming to launch its IoT nanosatelite ChallengeOne by July 2020 with the purpose of studying the potential of LoRa (Long Range) modulation for Earth to Space low bitrate data transmission. A feasibility study has been conducted to ensure signal strength and minimal sensitivity are granted to the satellite receiver to decode Off-The-Shelf ISM 868 Mhz LoRa transmitter messages. 

In this context, Telnet is hiring motivated Aerospace Engineers who will be part of a team that will take up the challenge of developing a Tunisian core of skills in space technologies.

This is a challenging position in an excellent learning environment with great opportunities.

It is dedicated for candidates who aspire to have a good skill development and international openings.

Job Specifications

  • Study the current satellite payloads, discuss and edit the studies done.
  • Focus on TDM protocols applied to satellite networks to bring an effective enhancement to the existing capabilities. 


  • Engineering degree with proven 2++ years of experience.
  • Solid scientific background including Maths, Physics and Telecommunication (network, protocols, resource sharing) 
  • Embedded Software or Telecommunications Engineering studies with optional experience on Embedded Linux and embedded software on ARM Cortex M0/4 is preferred
  • Insight on Aloha, CSMA/CD&CA and Satellite Networks is a main success factor.
  • LoRa Terminals and Gateways prototyping experience is an advantage.